Install of Matomo for a web agency

Hi there,
I have a few clients and I would like to install Matomo for them. I was thinking of buying a domain, installing matomo and add the websites, add user and give the correct url to my clients to see the datas.
But somebody told me that if a client want to stop working with me and want his data, it will be very complicated for me to extract only his data.
So what would be your advices for installing matomo when you have a few clients ?
Tks a lot for your help.


It is not so complicated. Have a look at the database schema:
Always start form site ID, and you’ll be able to export the desired data.

Tks for your answer.
So for you it is the best practice (one instance of matomo with multiple clients). Better than one install of matomo on each client domain ?

Maybe you can be inspired by:

Thank for your help but it seems very technical :slight_smile:
So there are no easy solution to export the data of a single website ?
Is it a good practice to install Matomo on each domain ? One Matomo for each client.
Are there a lot of updates of Matomo ?

It was just an example, not necessarily adapted to your use case…

Around 5 per year.

Just some queries to export the database is not so complicated, as the schema is very simple… And all data you’ll need to export is related to a site ID.

One for each domain/client will help you for the data export and data segregation…
But will make the global maintenance more complex (Linux/Apache/PHP/Matomo/MySql updates, etc.)