Install GeoIP2 for Windows

Hi Everyone,

I am getting below error in archiving process. When we search for updating GeoIP Module , we see all tutorials in linux env, is there any official link for windows version? How to update to GeoIP-2 ?

INFO [2020-03-18 15:00:36] 2052 GeoLite databases have been discontinued. Skipping download of Consider switching to GeoIP 2.
ERROR [2020-03-18 15:00:36] 2052 Auto-update failed: $PATH\piwik\plugins\UserCountry\GeoIPAutoUpdater.php
520): Encountered unsupported archive type ‘IN’.



In the Matomo settings simply enable the GeoIP2 plugin. This will migrate all data. Afterwards you can set up the database in the regular geolocation settings