Install Failure re: Zend Session

Ok. I have installed a few copies of Piwik but this is the first time I’ve had a problem. After Upload, I go to Piwik install and get this message “Fatal error: Class ‘Zend_Session’ not found in /home/thesport/public_html/stats/core/Session.php on line 19” So I go to look in the folder and there is only one file in the “core” folder and its not “session”

What am I missing?

Try uploading Piwik again (in binary mode). This installation is missing some files.

Hi. I looked in the original files that I’ve downloaded and there is no “session.php” in the original “core” folder, just “namespace.php” Does this mean the zip file is missing files or …?

I’ve just download piwik again and still only namespace.php.

If I download Piwik from I have 19 folders and 53 files in the core folder. Perhaps a problem with your archiving utility? Try 7-zip from


Yep. I’ve downloaded the zip file from piwik 3x now and only one item in core/session/