Insights API can be very slow

Hi there,

I am using the matomo API to get insights data and often it takes 20 seconds to 2 minutes to load the data. After the data is showed, the same request is very fast (cache probably).

Is the Insights API processing CPU/RAM consumming ? I am using the getBulkRequest, since i have other data to retrieve.

The cron is set every hours.

I don’t have a lot of trafic, but when i do the request and monitoring the activity on my console (htop), there seems to be no problem.

Shoud I increase the ram memory limit ? (currently set to 128 ?)

Thank you

Which request do you use?

Hello Philippe and than you for the response.

Please find below the full request :
















Matomo is running on a single VM with 2 CPU & 2GB RAM and a separate database (2 VCPU / 1Go)

I just saw that all websites are making a total of 450K visits / month.

Monitoring activity CPU/RAM on the database and VM seems normal.

But maybe it’s just not enough anymore ?*

Which request are too long?
Do you request data on already archived data?

Sorry for the delay. Following your comment I have made a few changes.

Normally, I would request the data from today, but it seems that the data may no be archived. I have a changed the period from today to yersterday.

Cron is setup every hour.

Then, I made three tests on different websites account, this is what I got in term of response (in ms). First website is a very small one, the two others are making 40K visits.

Request :















Notice that I am request VisitsSummary.get for the previous period (request 11)

VisitsSummary.get : 900 / 13330 / 11150
VisitsSummary.getActions : 133 / 400 /131
Actions.getPageUrls : 287 / 2620 / 3190
Referrers.getReferrerType : 217 / 2520 / 1600
Referrers.getAll : 91 / 93 / 89
UserCountry.getCountry : 185 / 2110 / 1722
UserCountry.getCity : 79 / 83 / 140
DevicesDetection.getOsFamilies : 350 / 2580 / 2210
DevicesDetection.getBrowsers : 86 / 71 / 68
DevicesDetection.getType : 72 / 72 / 64
Insights.getInsights : 4970 / 17460 / 801
VisitsSummary.get : 89 / 109 / 71
VisitTime.getVisitInformationPerServerTime : 199 / 2320 / 1772
Provider.getProvider : 169 / 2120 / 964

VisitsSummary.get & Insights.getInsights can take quite some time to get.

How I can get better results ? More CPU ? More RAM ? Different request ?


I did not see first that there was only one single request…
Do you know if segment=dimension2==DIMENSION2 is a segment already known (and calculated) by Matomo?

I saw that in the last version of Matomo some optimizations have been made on requests:

But not sure your problem is coverd…

What is your server configuration in term of memory/CPU/disk/nbr of servers, etc.?

Hi Philippe,

Sorry for the delay (again). I have updated Matomo to the latest version (4.12).

Server configuration is : 2 CPU / 2GB - PHP 7.3 - Max memory php 128Mo.

How can I know if dimension2 is already calculated ? Is is during cron ?

Not dimension2, but the segment using dimension2
When editing the segment:

Yes it is, the form is making an autocomplete, suggesting cache data.

I don’t see what could be the problem…
Maybe @innocraft can give some clues?

Hello Philippe,

Thank you for your time.

Let me run more test on my side and I come back to you.

For example, I have increase the php limit and it seems that i have some improvements.

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Bump on this.

Turns out, the segment was NOT already calculated. I have a to create a custom segment in order to get the data with dimension2 calculated.

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Then this condition was not meet?


Yes ! If you’re using the API, without creating the segment, the segment is calculated live.