Inputfield for password confirmation on deleting a user is disabled

Hey there, we are currently using Matomo 4.15.1 and when we try to delete a user, the prompt to enter your password shows up to confirm the deletion. But the Inputfield for that password is disabled for some reason.
You can manually inspect the page and enable the inputfield again and it works just fine, but that cannot be the expected behaviour.

Is there a setting that we are missing or what can we do about that?

Hi @VP_Unit08
Have a look to following ticket:

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thanks for the reference!

I’ve looked at it but my case seems to be different, as we dont have any LDAP or SAML plugin installed (LoginSaml or LoginLdap were mentioned in the Bugreport).
In fact our active plugins are only core plugins. One of which is the Login Plugin, but that doesn’t have a similar setting like enable_password_confirmation.

Is there another Core Plugin that could cause this behaviour?
I looked through our settings but coundn’t find anything obvious that could be related to the password confirmation getting disabled.

Hi @VP_Unit08
With the password confirmation (with read-only field), is the validation button active? Can you try to press it (without any password provided)

the button is active, yes.
If i press it, the confirmation modal closes and i get an error message stating that i should provide a password to continue (also the user is not deleted).

Hi @VP_Unit08
I think you must create an issue in the GitHub repo… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: