Innodb database corruption piwik 2.16.1

after installing piwik and doing some basic testing, mysqld abruptly shuts down and cannot be restarted. mysqld error log suggests corruption at the innodb database on which piwik was installed:

InnoDB: read in are 3651944666:1477788847, should be 0:22854!
InnoDB: Database page corruption on disk or a failed
InnoDB: file read of page 22854.
InnoDB: You may have to recover from a backup.

so i removed the corrupted piwik database and mysqld can then be restarted without any issues. afterwards, i re-installed piwik. however, the database got corrupted again after testing piwik briefly.

i am new to piwik and really want to use this software, so please help me! thanks!

System info:
latest version of piwik 2.16.1
nginx 1.0.15 and php-fpm 5.4.45 (apc cache is disabled)
centos 6.3

Hi there,

That’s strange, we have never heard of this issue before. Please make sure you use latest version of Mysql and modern PHP version?

Thank you for your reply matt! I am setting up a completely separate server with the latest version of Centos 6 and the corresponding mysql/php version provisioned by it. Will report back whether or not the issue can be replicated. Please stay tuned.

ok just to update. i set up another server just to test the db corruption issue. it uses centos 6.8 and php 5.3.3…so far there has been no problems :slight_smile: unlike the other server, this new server has pretty much nothing else installed other than php+mysql and piwik service is the only web service on it, so perhaps the db corruption was caused by something else