Individual configuration

Dear Community,

I am running a piwik installation which tracks several domains and I would like to give each domain a specific ‘global’ configuration. In particular I am thinking of different values for ip_address_mask_length in config.ini.php, i.e. ip_address_mask_length = 2 for website1, ip_address_mask_length =1 for website2 and so on.

Is there a way to create such a specific configuration?

Thank you for your help,

put the settings in the config.ini.php of each piwik

I just have one piwik installation with one config.ini.php. So, I request something like the idsite of each domain in config.ini.php and branch to its specific configuration? Do you have some hints how to do that?

Thank you again.


not possible. Settings are per-piwik install…