Index,follow on login page

Hi, what is the point to having the login page with “index,follow”?
I edited the plugins/Login/templates/login.twig file to change that to noindex,nofollow
But now obviously it returns an integrity check mismatch
Thanks for your insights!


You have probably already found

which discusses this.

But honestly I have to agree that this should be changed.

It’s now fixed by editing plugins/Login/templates/loginLayout.twig

Maybe since the release of the new 2FA feature?

Obviously a “real” fix that doesn’t require hacking the template files would be a nice improvement.

Does Matomo really get much of an SEO boost from the near-identical links back from near-identical login pages with more-or-less no content on them? I’d be very surprised if that factors into search result rankings at all, but if it does, it may be more likely to be a negative effect.

Also please note that the commonly listed solution of using a robots.txt file is misleading - once Google finds a link to a page it will put it in the search index without even checking robots.txt. In fact, blocking the page by using robots.txt will ensure Google does include the page in search results even if one adds noindex,nofollow to the page meta tag (because it will never see this tag).

Of course, since the text and surrounding context of any link to the login page from other websites is unlikely to be that interesting, I wouldn’t expect the page to rank highly in any real-world search results but it could be there none-the-less.

This finally seems fixed with 3.9.0!

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