Incorrect Path When Trying To Install On A Sub-Domain

I’ve previously installed Piwik on a sub-domain with no problem but I’ve been trying to install it for a Client on their sub-domain but keep coming up against the same problem.

Basically, I get the initial install screen when I go to the domain in my browser but when I click on ‘Next’, I get a 404 error -

Oops! Firefox could not find

The sub domain I’m trying to install on is I’ve compared the file structure to the site that I’ve successfully installed Piwik and everything appears the same so I just can’t understand why Piwik is trying to create this path.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

In the error message firefx it is missing the slash between and analytics… .any idea why?

Unfortunately not - I know that’s the problem but Piwik seems to be reverting to the primary domain rather than the sub-domain.

Very strange!!

Can you try again and create a bug report in ? Thanks