Incorrect aggregated info for imported data

I have imported Google Analytics data from 2007 up to half of 2023 and I am seeing weird behaviour from the core:archive. When it ran it shown 0 total visits for most weeks (but not all).

There are now weird stats when viewing it.

If I view up to 6 days it seems ok.

But if I add just one more day to it then the aggregated drops to 0 most of the time (BTW I guessed that it is using incorrect week data, but the range is from Wednesday to the next Tuesday, more precisely 2016-11-03 to 2016-11-09):

The day data are there, but the aggregated week data are wrong (and month and year too). I am using Matomo 4.15.1 and imported Google Analytics data in the last 3 weeks.

I imported it on a different computer (but with Matomo and DB settings copied) and had it under different sideid. I migrated from DB to DB and changed siteid in phpMyAdmin, so there might be some points of possible failure, but it seems to be working on the day-level.

Then I invalidated all the reports using the Invalidate plugin (which as per docs seems to keep day data as they there are no logs from the respective days).

Then I ran core:archive, which outputted a lot of “Archiving week XY: 0 total visits” even though that is incorrect.

Certainly I may have made a mistake at some point, but I don’t see where or how to fix it. Any tips are welcomed :slight_smile:

For comparison, this is a view of 6 days (same day as in the original post, just one day less). You can see the totals are correct.

Hi @vkovalcik
If I am not wrong, as Google Analytics Import tool only gets kind of archived data, I am not sure about the effect on data invalidation on them… :thinking: Probably nothing!
For the behavior of Aggregated Overview, it seems there is indeed a bug somewhere.
Can you create an issue at:


Thank you for your reply! I found somewhere in the docs (not sure where) that Invalidates will not delete archive data for which they are no logs. I guess that is the same situation as having your data archived and then automatically removed the source log data.

I will file a bug, thanks for the link.

For following: link to the issue you created:

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