Inconsistent Piwik response and no tracking

I am setting up Piwik on an IIS server. I have my website set up to properly load the Piwik tracking JS. I have the site configured in Piwik.

When I load the page in either IE or Safari, I get a 400 from Piwik, which is expected if the request is missing the tracking parameters, but my request isn’t. It has siteid and the other parameters as GET query string parameters.

The same request from Chrome returns a 204, which is also expected, but the visit is not logged in Piwik.

I cannot find where I may have Piwik misconfigured, and I cannot figure out why IE/Safari are getting 400 when Chrome gets a 204.

What should I look at for fixing my Piwik installation to log the requests and not send back a 400 to IE/Safari?

I am using Piwik v2.13.1

Figured this out: I am using MySQL 5.7 and this GitHub issue explained the problem.

I was able to add the column to the database and now everything works.