Inconsistent Data - Portal Report and Email Report

Greetings Piwik Followers,

I have setup email report for a particular site to be emailed to me daily as a pdf file. The emailed report indicates that there are no visits and no activity at all.

However, when I login to the portal --> Email Reports --> Manage Email Report --> download report now , the pdf file downloaded does show the visits and user activity.

The date selected is the same in both cases.

Has anyone experienced this issue before ? I am using Piwik 1.8.3


Please update to Piwik 1.8.4 = do you still have the issue? are you 100% sure the date on the PDF is the same and they are showing different data ?

I do have version 1.8.4, it is still there. The daily email report says I have no visitors. Every day. Until I visit my Piwik online. Then the next day the days before are updated. But yesterday is zero again.