Incompability Problem with GoogleAnalyticsImporter on Matomo 4.6.2

Hi Everybody,

I got a problem of compatibility with the GoogleAnalyticsImporter plugin

I Installed Matomo Marketplace plugin (latest version), then I installed from the market place GA Importer.
When I go to Matomo’s main dashboard, I got the following message:
The plugin GoogleAnalyticsImporter could not be loaded as it missing dependencies: GoogleAnalyticsImporter requires Matomo >=4.10.0-b1.

My website use wordpress 5.9.3 and Matomo 4.6.0, and is up to date
How can I solve this ?

Have a nice day

This seems related to

Now that Matomo 4.10.0 has been released, the best solution would probably be to update to that version.

Thanks for your answer.


Where can I download matomo 4.10.0 for wordpress ? (I only got access to 4.6.0)
How can I update to this new version ?