Including in external File

Hi Piwik Community.

I want to develop some sort of extension for Piwik. Now i’ve encountered the problem that i dont’t really know if its possible to include piwik menu/header/etc in an external File lets say (plugins/YourAddonName/request.php) to style it all the way like the piwik installation. Including at the functions always brought me to errors - so thats the only way i can think of.

Also if you’d like to submit a form with for example Login data you need to specify a action=" " target - no way to give the values to an action instead of a file without loading a new site / including not possible.

Anybody has any idea?

Thank you in advance

you can write a seperate php program which outputs the values of file.php from site B and then fopen read those content to your current php file.

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Russel Tiffin

You’ll want to use Smarty to load/include Piwik’s templates.

I don’t understand your question re: action. But if you define a Controller, the default action is “index”.

Okay let’s say this. I’m adding a new menu point named “MyExtension”. I defined controller and actions, linked to action “showIndex” when clicking on the menu. The Index is shown. Now, this index includes a file (include(‘xxx.php’) which contains a login form etc. Let’s say for example you want to add some kind of form or textboxes in which you can enter dates etc . To GET this values, you’ll actually need to define a . The File defined at the action will be called and redirected after you hit “Submit” button. But then, all the wrapper thing is gone and i got redirected to a empty / white .php which should handle the request. Unfortunately there seems to be no solution to GET form value data without POSTing them to the server without actually leaving the whole wrapper.

I’d love to find some conclusions :slight_smile: