Include phpbb3 forum into piwik


i would like to count the visits in my phpbb3 forum with piwik as well.

can you tell me where i have to paste the code?

which template or php-file ?

thank you for your help.

I have same question. I hope somebody could help we style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif

I haven’t tried this, but I guess you’d just follow the exact same instructions as for Google Analytics, but paste the Piwik javascript code in rather than the Google stuff.

I guess that it should be added to all the footer’s codes of all the styles you use, last thing there. I installed Piwik last night only so I didn’t have time yet to test this but as the footers appears everywhere and it’s the equivalent of the “end” of a regular html, this would be the best place.
Just remember to add it to every style you use, including styles that are set to bots only.