Include more rows in e-mail reports

We would like to have more rows in the e-mail report. It would be useful if we could choose to make a report flat, show all rows and include this report in the e-mail report.

As it is now the e-mail report only shows a few rows and it is not useful information. We need to be able to customize the e-mail reports just as you can customize the reports in Piwik’s interface.

I hope it is easy for you to develop and improve the e-mail reports. I’m sure many would benefit from a better e-mail report. Let me know if you have any questions and I can explain more and give you examples.

Best regards,

Hi there,

there are tickets opened for these requests. We’d love to work on them but we lack resources. if you can sponsor some work, feel free to get in touch :+1:

If we are going to sponsor your work with a money contribution we need an estimate and a specification. Do you think you could give me some more detailed information? Also invoice details? I have to take this issue further to my management so they can make a decision.