"Include all population" limited?

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We are using Piwik 0.5.4 on several sites.
Since switching from PhpMyVisites there are some differences in the statistics.

Site 1 has 1700 visits for the index page in “actions > pages” in january 2010.
The listing seems to show all the pages (<100 pages) and the last ones have only 1 or 2 visits.

Site 2 has 24000 visits (index) in “pages” also january 2010.
The listing only shows a couple hundred pages (I would estimate there are atleast 500 pages in the site) and the last pages in the listing have 160-170 visits.

It looks like the listing is capped. Is there a limit for the number of pages shown in the list? Exporting this listing in CSV/XML gives the same result. There are definately pages in there that have lower stats than 160 visits. I have the “include all population” mode on.

I need to list all pages for the client. In ye olde PhpMyVisites we got the full listing of pages for large sites as well.
Any help?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

see faq: http://piwik.org/faq/how-to/#faq_54

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Thank you!