In case others have a 'stalling' issue with upgrades or installations

System: Shared Hosting, Windows, IIS, PHP 5.4.x, Plesk, ASP.NET 4.5.x (minimal control over php.ini settings), HTTP/S

I have been really struggling the last several days with trying to upgrade my 2.6.1 installation to 2.8.3. The auto-update failed, which I have run into in the past. No big deal, I know I don’t have the most optimum setup for auto-update so I moved on. I’ve updated the system several times before without any real issue.

I did the standard backup of the config file and then binary overwrite of the old files with the 2.8.3 version. Then, stall stall stall, sometimes it would spit a timeout error, most of the time, nothing. IIS logs show a generic 500 error, no more info. PHP didn’t show anything in particular. I tripled the max_execution_time in PHP, still, nothing. Bumped up the post size, still, stalled out.

So, maybe a fresh install would work. I cleaned up my files after backing them up, and freshly installed the 2.8.3 files and restoring my config file. No such luck, stall. So I did the same thing again, a fresh install but without my config file, so I kept everything vanilla. The first page loaded, then it stalled out on the checks, even after several refreshes.

I thought maybe it is having trouble with the jump from 2.6.1 to 2.8.3, so I decided to download 2.7.0 and step the update process. Well, 2.7.0 also stalled out. I repeated the same troubleshooting steps as I had done the first go around.

I restored my old 2.6.1 site, everything was back to what I would expect, a working site. Then, I scratched my head,

I dug a little deeper into the IIS logs. Since the only thing my IP was working on at the time for the site was this update, I was seeing what else was being called. I notice a call to favicon.ico against the root directory, which is odd since I didn’t have such a file. Joomla handles the favicon a little non-standard like, so there is no need for me to have that file in there. And since I wasn’t on any other part of my site, it further proved its’ oddness.

So I took a favicon that I did create for the site, put that in the root directory and in the Piwik root directory, tried going to Piwik again, and low and behold, it worked for updating 2.6.1 to 2.7.0.

I then binary pushed the 2.8.3 files, went to the directory, and was presented with a login. Logged in, looks like I have 2.8.3!

So I’m not sure exactly where the hiccup was, all I know is when I added in those favicon.ico files, everything cleared right up. Hope this helps!

EDIT: I keep the Piwik config pretty standard, I’m not doing anything of the branding nature yet.

That’s the first time in 7 years I hear a favicon solved your issue! That was fun :slight_smile: glad it works for you