Improve the export function when you search for a single page

Our sites are big and sometimes I want to see statistics for a certain page or group of pages. I go to Events and the report Pages and use the search box to find a particular page.
I would then like to export the statistics showing after my search for a certain page to for example Excel, but it is not possible. The export functions only gives me the statistics of the pages showing before I used the search box.
It would also be great if it was possible to include reports for pages I have searched for in the automatic PDF-reports.

Here is a simple example: I go to the report of Pages and see I have page a, b and c. I use the search box and search for page b. The statistics for page b is then showing. When I export the statistics to Excel the report shows a, b and c. My search with the statistics for only page b can not be exported.
And I can not create automatic PDF-reports for my search with page b either.

Hope you understand what I mean, otherwise please let me know.

Thanks, that’s a good suggestion which i’ll fix for next release When exporting data, the “search” filter should be maintained if it was set · Issue #2912 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Great!! Thanx a lot!! Looking forward to the next release! :slight_smile: