Impossible to track Wordpress Newsletter form submission with Tag Manager


I’m trying to track form submission on this page : with Tag Manager but i did not succeed.

I’ve created several type of triggers :

  • “form submission” trigger (look does not work when form submission don’t redirect to an other page)
  • “click” trigger with Click Text = “S’inscrire”
  • “visibility” trigger with CSS selector of the bloc which appear when we click on submit button

Nothing work…

Do you have any idea to track this newsletter form submission please?

Thanks a lot


Hi Christophe,

have you tried opening the page in the debug mode in Matomo Tag Manager?

When you klick on the submit button with right click and you open the data layer for the specific click event you see which data matomo pulls from that button click and therefore which data you can reach with a trigger. It can happen that matomo can’t extract the click text from the button but something else.

In my case I could create a trigger for the click class =“btn btn-like-finder-filter btn-rounded btn-date-today”.

Hi Florian,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I’ve tried with Firefox and finally it works… Really strange. Maybe, I 've done so much test with Chrome than my cache was creating troubles…

Do you know why I have a broken debugging UI ?

Okay I’ve never seen that before. Do you maybe have some cookies blocked or an active AdBlocker?