Impossible to track 100% of the ecommerce conversion with hybrid approach

We are seeking to measure 100% of E-commerce interactions using server-side tracking to have a better understanding of our funnel of conversion as it is explained here:

Our cookie implementation works perfectly. We use Cookiebot to ask users for consent.

Our server-side implementation is working perfectly too, we check that the information are sent to the Matomo server each time. We used [Matomo’s PHP SDK],When%20using%20our%20PHP%20SDK%2C%20the%20code%20will%20look%20like%20this%3A,-//%20it%20is%20assumed%20that%20%24order

However Matomo doesn’t record the ecommerce information sent from our server when the cookie consent has been denied.

In this article it is said that when cookies are disabled, certain data accuracy is affected while recording goals and conversions. The core fact to highlight is that despite the tracking being “cookie-less,” the goals and conversions themselves are still recorded (the attribution process, however, is impacted)

It seems that the problem is specifically related to the server-side tracking of Ecommerce conversions when cookies consent has been denied. There is nothing we can do on our side for this. The goals, which are set up with JavaScript tracking, are recording as expected, but the server-side tracking for Ecommerce conversions is not functioning when cookies consent has been denied.

This screenshot shows the goals (tracked through tags in the tag manager) being recorded even when cookies are being denied:

Here is my funnel conversion rate for the same segments

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We tested the server side tracking of the ecommerce conversion with and without cookie on dev mode and it worked. It’s not working on production.

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