Impossible to install the Wordpress plugin on Elementor

Hi everyone, I have a personal website built on elementor cloud hosting and I’d like to track it with Matomo for Wordpress plugin but it’s impossible.
After the installation, clickin on Report brings to a 404 page. I reported to the hosting customer care and they say that the request is being blocked by our Cloudflare firewall because the plugin tries to access a PHP file in the plugin’s folder: they say this is not safe because it’s the way malwares get access to websites, and this is not the proper way a plugin should work.

Do you think what the Elementor’s customare care is true? Does anyone have a solution?

Same happened with my site when I tried to install and it was asking access to some files from server.

Did you find any solution?

Hello @ubanto, @Victor_Green
Do you think this is related to:


Well, I’m not a developer but yes, it definitely seems to be the reason why we can’t install Matomo on our cloud hosting.

Since Elementor Cloud is a server that is gaining more success day after day, I think these security issues should be changed.