Importing Logs for a specific website


I’ve got a general question.
I’m running a Matomo Server, which is tracking about 20 different websites, via the java-tracking-code.
I now need to set up a tracking via importing and analyzing access logs - so far, no problem! :slight_smile:
What I actually don’t understand is, how the analyzed logs are assigned to a specific website?
Do I create a new website in matomo and matomo automaticly recognizes the analyzed log entries from it’s database? …or how does that work?

I hope, I could explain my problem well :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Either you call the log analytics script specifying a idsite, then all data is tracked into that idsite/siteid. (--idsite=1234)

Or if you don’t I think the Log Analytics will try to detect the domain from the log and get the siteids (or create them if they don’t exist).