Importet Date: Time Overview cut off


Data imported from Google are cut off in the times overview. This is a bit irritating when you want to compare the current data with, for example, last year’s data. I don’t know if this is a bug or is due to the import with Google Analytics Importer !?

Greetings Micha

No idea, why this happen?

Do you have an idea, why this happen?

@Miches can you explain what you mean by “cut off”? do you mean certain times have no data at all?

EDIT: If ‘yes’, can you show the reports for each individual date (outside of comparison view)? And the table comparison of the two dates?

hi and thanks for the answer. Yes, that’s what I meant by the “cut off”. If I only take the imported data for one day (without comparison), the times are displayed correctly

Table view all time displayed:

Then i compare - now (matomo) with the date last year (importet Google Data):

And the table view

This was happen with all imported Data on 4 properties

Hi @Miches, are you able to reproduce this issue w/ sites that are not imported from GA?

If the data is present when not comparing, it was imported properly, and I am not able to reproduce this myself, so this might be an issue with the comparison view and the server time report (or a timezone issue or a language issue or something else). Would you be able to provide access to your instance for further debugging? (If yes, could you create a temporary new user with access to the site experiencing the issue and email the credentials to