Import static log file

Hello, I have already posted a post on the topic, unfortunately without an answer. So I’m trying again here.

On the subject
I have a static CSV file. I can define the format myself.
But how can you import a static log file?

I would be grateful for help.


The developers of plesk wrote a Matomo plugin that should allow you to do this:

Because matomo doesn’t seem to have its own import function?
Many thanks. I’ll try that out.


Matomo has an API that supports sending data from any source to it (

And an official script for importing web server logs:

But if you want to import from a custom CSV file using the plesk plugin is probably the easiest.

Yes, I have a custom CSV. I also want to import data from the browser. (is JavaScript active, Cookie, Size etc)
Or also actions.
I will try it.
Thank you