Import question

Hey all, Just installed version 1 and so far it’s great. However, I do have an issue I hope can be resolved. I am hoping to move about 15 customers sites from AWStats over to Piwik, but I need to be able to import all their current log files as they don’t want to lose all their stats and start over. This is on a Windows 2008 Server. Is there a way to import the IIS logs for the sites into Piwik and have it process that data and create the data to populate the widgets? Unfortunately this is a kind of deal breaker with them, and I really dont want to stay with awstats if I don’t have to. Piwik seems much more capable in providing the needed information for decision making based on clickthroughs, referrers, search engine placement, etc. Hope this can be done and hope to hear from someone soon. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif TIA all!


Piwik isn’t processing Webserver logs, sorry.
I would have liked that too but I’m just continuing tracking with both awstats and piwik.
Piwik is used for the more recent and more detailed stats and awstats just for comparison against the old data.