Import old server statistics


I’m importing our really old Apache server statistics, circa 2004, to our Piwik installation.

“” script seems to work well (it shows messages like “2824 requests imported successfully” for each daily file). however even after running “archive” the statistics are not shown in Piwik.

I tried forcing core:archive to reprocess the last 12 years or so, with this command:
php console core:archive --url=<our_url> --force-date-last-n=4600 --force-all-periods=397440000

Is there something I’m missing here?

thanks a lot for the help

A bit more information, I was checking the database and I saw there is data about the visits in the table “piwik_archive_numeric_2004_01” (and successive months).

But nothing is shown when I access our Piwik dashboard