Import old data?


since giving my piwik-installation the chance to heal it self during some kind of extended xmas-holidays didn’t solve my problems from , I reinstalled piwik completely new. Starting with a blank directory and a blank database.

At least it is working now (of course :slight_smile: ), but a last, little part of my brain still hopes that it could be possible to restore the data tracked during the last months.

That means I have two questions:

1.) is there a way to check, if my “historical” database tables are still usable?

2.) if yes, can I import my old data to the new piwikinstance?

Thanks in advance


i’ve got the same problem. i’d like to reimport old data. is this possible? damn, i hate my incompetency sucks!
markus, do u have an other way for solving the problem?

I now have this same question with piwik 1.9.2. Did either of you get a resolution?

what exactly are you trying to do ?

Thanks for the response Matt. I’m trying to merge 2 seperate piwik installations into 1. I found a script that should help but it didn’t work for me likely because both databases are over 500mb. Jan Münnich – Internet and Security Expert

The reason I need to do this is because I had a piwik problem several months ago and wasn’t recording any data. Instead of losing data I installed another piwik installation for the same site. Now I’d like to merge those installations back together so I can look in one place for all my traffic data. Any suggestions?

It’s not easy to do… Please contact us for paid help:

Thanks Matt, I assume that means I need to change the id’s of the data in the database and merge the 2 databases?

you can find updated scipt at Jan Münnich – Internet and Security Expert which would lead you to Jan Münnich – Internet and Security Expert see if that works.

Obviously I used the 1.9.2 version of the script.

ok, that wasn’t clear from your description, especially as the url pointed to old version. Won’t be of more help here.

Sorry mahdi1234, for my rude response. I think the only way is to manually change the id’s and combine the databases. If I find an easy way to do that I’ll post it here.