stop after update 2.5.0


After update to 2.5.0 piwik stop show any entry on all page of all sites.
there’s 80 different site every imported from a long time with
Now no one data it’s show from the date of update.
The running of show "X request imported successfully"
The running of “console core:archive” show all ok, no error.
I’ve already read other post, but in my case i found that i can’t see any entry on "Visitors Logs"
Anytime, i’ve already tryed downgrade and reupgrade by hands: no change, reinstall fresh files and load old database: no change, check IIS/PHP/Piwik error and nothink…
Any further ? thanks a lots.


Hi people.
No one have any ideas ??
Please please please… every suggestion it’s appreciated.

(Kuba Bomba) #3

Do you maybe have records in log_visit table with idsite set to 0?

SELECT * FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE idsite=0 limit 1;


Thank you for the reply.
The result of “SELECT * FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE idsite=0 limit 1” it’s "MySQL ha restituito un insieme vuoto (i.e. zero righe)"
English version: “MySQL returned an empty result set (ie zero rows)”.
Any more ?

(Kuba Bomba) #5

Please paste here log importing script output. Check also error logs after logs replay.


The log it’s realy long.
I attach Link for download.
Command executed
Import logs
Archive Logs
And error logs of what? iis no error, php no error, python no error… piwik has own error logs ?


Someone have seen the logs ? my last post…

(Matthieu Aubry) #8

SELECT * FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE idsite=0

There is no website with idsite=0, try SELECT * FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE idsite=1