exception on python 2.7.12

Hello everyone,

since my hoster made an upgrade to these versions:
python 2.7.12
python 3.4.5
python-exec 2.4.4
python-mode 6.1.2

I’m getting an exception back from PIWIK (Ver. 3.1.1)
“Analytics/”, line 914
except Piwik.Error, e:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax"

Which is this function:
if not self.options.piwik_token_auth:
self.options.piwik_token_auth = self._get_token_auth()
except Piwik.Error, e:
logging.debug(‘Authentication token token_auth is: %s’, self.options.piwik_token_auth)

The syntax I’m using is
python /path/misc/log-analytics/ --token_auth=*** --idsite=1 --recorders=1 --recorder-max-payload-size=200 --enable-http-errors --enable-bots --enable-reverse-dns --url=

I’m also getting this exeption by running the without any parameters.

Do you have any hints for debugging this or to get somehow to a solution?
Thank you very much for your help and your product!
Kind regards

Try to run the command with user and password ( --login=*** --password=*** )

Hello sgomes,
I’d try but the result stays the same.

Hm, I still have no idea how to solve this problem. :frowning:


You can try opening an issue on the github repository with as much info on how to reproduce as possible: