Import logs and unique/returning visitor?

Hi there,

I have single tracker which tracks several webs with js code and some others by apache log imports. What I’d like to understand is, how is unique/returning visitor identified when importing logs? At the moment I don’t have a single returning visitor despite the fact they exist, is there some setting required in config or during import?

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Log Analytics is not designed to import the vistiros from JS + Logs in the same site. the data will just double up and is not compatible

I did not mean I’m using it on the same site, I’m just using single instance of piwik which tracks some websites with piwik code and some different websites via log imports. Now for those log imported I never get returning visitiors, and would like to know what could be wrong?


were you using 1.10.1 when importing? if not, try again with latest. if you still have problem, post a screenshot here showing same visitor not shown as returning. I will verify screenshot and create & fix the bug then! thx

Yes, I’ve updated to 1.10.1 immediately when it was made live, attached see screenshot.

Just few comments:

  • this happens for all returning visitors, not ony that particular
  • noticed, that you have returning visitors on demo site (log import demo), could it be that I import hourly and you process for returning visitors only for imported batch, but not within other data already stored in db?

Let me know if you want more info.


These visitors are all using opera clients can you try another client to see if it adds to the list or actually does recognize the visitors?

Yes, it’s across all major browser.

Actually I can repro this one demo see


those are my visits (and some other people who use seamoneky 2.15, cannot segment by IP there) as you can see JS works fine, import logs does not.

Ok perfect I see the problem I agree… and I checked the code, unfortunatley this is by design: we used to look at the last 24 hours to see if a visit was matching, but it was causing performance problems for high traffic websites. you can change it in core by increasing time of a visit eg. visit_standard_length
to 24 hours or so, this will catch visitors across 1 day as returning.

Thanks for clarification.

Though if I change below to higher value, this would affect js tracked sites as well, wouldn’t it?

[quote=“visit_standard_length = 1800”][/quote]

If not perfect, if so then I guess there should be separate setting for each tracking method, what do you think?

We could but I don’t think we wlil do this anytime soon :slight_smile:

Ok, good to know … logged that for tracking purpose Allow to define the time to look back to define a returning visitor · Issue #3695 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub