Import Google Analytics on Matomo Cloud

I’m following these instructions ([Video] Importing Google Analytics data into Matomo User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo) for my cloud account but am stuck in step 2 where it says to click on admin area and then on ‘google analytics import’ in the left-hand nav. This option is not available on my dashboard even though I am a Super User.

Is this option not available for the cloud version? And if not, is there a workaround using the plugin?


Hi Phoebe,

The GA import feature is not available on the cloud at the moment. It should be available in the next few weeks.

If you do not currently have any data in your cloud account, a work around could be to import it locally first.

  1. Install a local instance of Matomo: Installing Matomo User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo
  2. Install the plugin Google Analytics Importer - Matomo Plugins Marketplace
  3. Import the data Import Google Analytics data User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo
  4. Contact us for steps to import the data to paid account (No charge to import)

Please be aware that importing a database completely replaces any existing data. It is not possible to merge databases.