Import from Awstats historical

Hello, I’m very new on Piwik ( less then one day :slight_smile: ) and found it awesome.

I try to import historical log from Awstats. Not from Apache log files, they was rotated since months.

The older Awsats historical file was from 2010. Theses files are generated by Awstats, one each month, and begin with : “AWSTATS DATA FILE 6.95 (build 1.943)”

I’ve read at Log Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo : “Migrate from AWStats and Urchin easily by importing your historical logs into Piwik.” but I can’t find the syntax to do this and found any element in to help.

How can I do this.

Thank for your help.

Michel. requires the webserver log files, not the awstats data files, sorry.

That what I feared, but not a real problem.

Thank for your reply.