Import for Google Analytics: "failed due to a security check"

The parameter ‘propertyId’ isn’t set in the Request, and a default value wasn’t provided.

I set up, uploaded the setup, gave permission, but I’m getting an error.

I have it set up as https : //mysite .site/matomo.
I’ve set the Authorized JavaScript origins to https : //mysite .site.
and in Authorized redirect URIs - https :// mysite .site/matomo/index.php?module=GoogleAnalyticsImporter&action=processAuthCode.

(spaces are added because you can’t post links.)

and I get an error

We’re sorry, but the action you were trying to perform failed due to a security check. This is a standard measure to ensure the safety and security of your account. Please try again, and if the issue persists, please contact our support team for further assistance.

At least we know the security check is failing at the Matomo end rather than the Google Analytics end.

Sorry to just post a link, but in case it helps someone with a “failed due to a security check” error from Matomo, the last few bullet points in the following article can be a starting point

And for more subtle failings, there are some comments at the feature request queue worth checking:
Issues: Improve error message when login fails

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By the way, for anyone who thinks they have the opposite problem ( a failure with the Google security) then we recommend generating a fresh token from Google. If that fails, further ideas are here

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