Import data from google analytics - confused with google IDs

Hello! I successfully installed Matomo yesterday on a subdomain of mine (Matomo on-premise). Then I tried to import the data of Google Analytics and followed all the steps in the description. Know I am confused with the Matomo Google Analytics Import Plugin. I don’t know which Google IDs I have to fill in the form. As I learned yesterday I have a Google Analytics 4-Property. I think I cannot find the following IDs because Google changed the system:
Google Analytics Property ID
Google Analytics Account ID
Google Analytics View ID

Based on further research I assume know that the Google Analytics Property ID could know be the Google Mess ID (a number with G-… something, found in the tab “property” > data streams) but I am not sure.
Google Analytics Account ID could be the property ID (found in property details).
I am totally confused with the View ID. I found some information that I should generate an UA… API Key somewhere but I also cannot find anything like this.

If someone knows more help would be very appreciated here. :wink: Thank you!

I think this problem has been reported there:

Ok, thank you for the link. If I understand that correctly this is an issue wich hasn’t been solved so far and at the moment I cannot import data with Google Analytics 4 Properties. I’ll guess I have to wait then…

Yes, that’s it.
Maybe you can add a :+1: on the ticket in order to make its visibility higher to Matomo team…

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@pauakids there is a new version to be tested (see the GitHub ticket)

is this issue resolved? I still have the same problem