Import all siteid's using log analyzer


Hi …

Just set this up for a client. We will be using the log analyzer import script. They have 28 websites in piwik … and their hosting provider creates 24 logs per day. Is there a way to code the script to at least import all siteid’s at once for each imported log? The script I’m using is …

python --url= --idsite=1 …/…/…/…/…/…/logs/access_log.processed

I tried using --idsite=all which resulted in fatal error, and tried submitting all site id’s comma separated … but it looks like it only imported data for the first number in the string (1).

Otherwise I’m looking at 24x28 script lines to get this done, and it will take forever to run.

Any help would be enormously appreciated. Thanks!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Use a log format where the hostnames are saved in the log. Then Piwik will import in the right websites automaticaly


Hey Matt … thanks for the reply! Unfortunately it does not appear we have any control over the log format, as it is hosted by a third-party provider (mediatemple).


i think the issue is the log formats and permissions, media temple uses plesk each domains logs can be seperate depending on set up. you may be stuck using one script per domain. the error also could have been related to user permission per domain. there could htaccess limitations you need to consider if using one acript for multi domains…