Import additional Piwik sites to an existing installation


At this moment I have Piwik installed locally for each of my sites. Now I would like to move those sites to a single Piwik installation.
I have installed Piwik onto a new server, and have moved the first site. Not everything went right as my database import overwrote my initial installation (i.e. superuser data).
Now I wonder about moving additional sites to this installation. I thought:

  1. Create a new site and use the new tracking code, so old installation does not receive any more data.
  2. Migrate the data from the old server to merge it with the data on the new one.

My concern now is the part 2. and how to ensure that only the data about the site that is migrated is merged, not to overwrite anything.
From this perspective, which tables from MySQL are to be imported into the new Piwik installation (new tracking already running), and how to ensure that the data is merged in the right way?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

To merge the data please stay tuned on this ticket: Import/Export functionnality for Sites and Administrative data · Issue #1879 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

we will release the tool soon! (next few weeks)


That’s great!



Hi again,

I have some sites that are about to get migrated, and I wonder about the following:

If I start fresh adding a site as a new one to my existing Piwik installation (main Piwik server), and I download/export the existing database (not used anymore), will I be able to import/merge the data from exported database once the tool becomes available?
In other words, what the concept of the toll will be, how will it work?