IMHO wrong Campaign-Tacking when using User ID Feature


Two weeks ago i enabled the User ID Feature. Every time a user is logged in I call the setUserId method with the ID of the Users Account. (The main goal is to track the users Visit across devices. i.e.: Entry via Mobile-Browser on Smartphone > DOI-Mail > confirm with normal Browser on Desktop.)

This worked like a charm.

BUT: Now i noticed, that nearly no more new Campaign Entry is been tracked. Even if a User visits the page 3 days later via another Campaign it won’t be horner for the new, but for the very first campaign.

Therefore it seems that I can no more use Campaign-Tracking for returning (already registered) users.

Step By Step:

  1. User visits page via campaign “Campaign A”
  2. User logs in and User ID is set to “123456”
  3. User leaves the page
  4. User visits the page via “Campaign B” one day later
  5. User logs in and User ID is set to “123456”

should (imho): 2 Vists, first with “Campaign A” as Entry-Point and second with “Campaing B” as Entry Point
is or seems to be: 1 Visit with “Campain A” as entry Point :frowning:

The View of the Landingpage with “Campaign B” seems to be tracked correctly and is displayed under Referres > Campaigns and Goals > [Goal] > Campaigns . But the Visit of the second Landingpage, with the second campaign, it is NOT tracked as Entry-Page and is NOT displayed as “From Campaigns” in the Transitions of the Landingpage.

Bug or Feature?

if latter: How can I solve the cross-device Problem? How to track over a DOI step, when the users is switching from Mobile-Browser to Desktop or from Facebook-Browser to normal Mobile Browser.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

could you post a screenshot of the VIsitor log, showing the problem visually? I’m not sure whether it is a bug yet, but in general: yes Piwik should track the campaign correctly, for each separate visit.

Unfortunately i’m not allowed to. :frowning:

“Visitor-Log” is a good point. thx!

The Visitor-Log seems to look fine. I have tested this scenario with a single user and test-campaigns and it seems to work. In this Scenario the Transitions are as expected, too. One User, two visits, two campaigns. In real-life i still have not-counted campaigns … weird

… my first thought may be wrong. … what i have noticed objectively, so far:

Note: we use multiple Campaigns (also) for returning users. It’s very likely that one user visits the page every week (or even every day) via another campaign. (And we want to track each of these visits according to it’s campaign.)

Before using UserID-Feature i’ve had following numbers in transitions-view of the landingpage (rounded)

800 page-views
200 from interal pages
500 from campaigns
100 direct entries
(nothing else)

since using UserID-Feature:

800 page-views
200 from internal pages
0 from campaigns (!!)
100 direct entries
(nothing else)

Shouldn’t the page-views always be the Sum of die numbers below? What could cause this weird behaviour?

Also i noticed, that the page-visits of the landingpage (Actions>Pages>landing.html) kept constantly at the same level. But the visits of the landingpage as Entry-Page (Actions>Entry-Pages>landing.html) dropped to nearly zero, since using UserID Feature. ???

Another thing i noticed: In the Visitor-Profile, the Campaigns are displayed in the left side and only the first and last campaign. Shouldn’t there be (possibly) one Campaign per Visit (on the right)?

Any idea/explanation what’s wrong here? (Maybe my understanding)

Are you saying that when you use User ID feature, then no campaigns are tracked? this would be strange… but if you can reproduce this bug, please create a bug report: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub

Because i can see the conversions under “Referrers>Campaigns” and in the Visitor-Logs, i think they are generaly tracked, but not counted/displayed in Transitions-View and not counted/displayed as Entry-Page.

I’ll try to reproduce with an independent Piwik-Instance.