IIS logs import, website with multiple subdomains

We have several websites that are reachable under multiple subdomains.

I am doing an analysis of one of them and need to import the IIS logs. In this case the website is reachable under about 50 subdomains. However when importing the logs the domain is set to the first domain in the list of possible URLs

I tried this with multiple domains and the URL of the first domain I enter in the list is added to all imported records.

Attached is a small part of the imported records, however the actual URL is for a completely different subdomain but as the subdomain starting with abn is in top of the list that one is shown.

I tried to use * as wildcard but that results in a https://* URL being shown.

Is this by design? Can I overrule this?



Hi Frank,

If the log file contains the sub-domain, and Piwik does not import it, I think it’s a bug. Can you create an issue on the bug tracker, with steps to reproduce (eg. command you used to import the logs + an extract of your log files such as 10-20 lines so we can reproduce it): Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hi Math,

Thanks for looking in to this

IIS logs import with multiple subdomains will create entry with first entry in URLS setting #7396


Hi Math,

Have you been able to reproduce the issue?

Best regards,