Ignoring DoNotTrack in Matomo

Hi all,
Is there a way how to ignore Do Not Track header (DNT=1) from a client? Based on docs this should be available in the settings but don’t see this option (currently running Matomo 3.13.6, can’t easily upgrade to Matomo 4)
Our use case is that clients explicitly agree to being tracked when signing on to our service (GDPR, PECR compliant) but their browser preferences might not respect this and we need a way to override that.
Thanks, Roebrt

Hi Robert,

I guess you could try the following in your Matomo tracking code:

if (condition is met) {_paq.push([“setDoNotTrack”, false]);}


Hi @robert.x
It seems the DNT feature has been implemented (and improved) in a previous version than yours. Eg, in the changelog of Matomo 3.10.0:

Try to check in privacy settings.

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