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Hi there.

I’ve recently set up Matomo for conversion tracking on my website and I’ve noticed something that I can’t find the answer to. When a user purchases, they’re directed to our payment processor’s checkout page (Stripe) and are then brought back to complete the process.

However, it’s skewing my referrers slightly as checkout.stripe.com is now showing as the top referrer. Is there any way to ignore this specific website’s referrals?

Thanks in advance!


There is a bug report with an workaround here:

You will not find help here. For such a critical problem you have to mail one of the admins and if the issue relates a technical issue then they have to fix it by developers.

Hi @Ray,

I disagree on all points. You will find help here, after all it is the support forum and as you can see I try to answer all questions as good as I can.
Also sending an E-Mail to one of the developers is definitely the wrong way to go. This is what this forum and the Github issue is for. In this case there is already an issue describing this exact point, so the only thing left to do is to write documentation for the workaround or creating a new feature in Matomo (potentially as a plugin).

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