Ignore dyn IP / DynDNS


it would be awesome if it is possible to exclude a dyn IP instead of only static IPs from tracking…

Piwik has to get the IP from an DynDNS like test.dyndns.org and disable tracking for this IP…

Thanks in advance!!!

That would require adding a nameserver lookup. The extra latency could impact the tracker performance.

I thought not only to resolve every IP Address visiting your site, cause this would (as you say) impact the performance…

I tought we can do a Admin which looks e.g. every Minute/hour for the IP from my DynDNS and exclude this IP from tracking.

The other way is to know how a router sends the IP to DynDNS and make a own “dynDNS”-like modul which sends the IP to our Servers and exlude it…

Thanks in advance.

I hope you can understand my bad english :frowning:

Why don’t you just use exclusion by Cookie?

The guy is basically saying he wants to exclude himself from his site statistics, but he can’t because his IP address is dynamic (he uses DynDNS.org), and he would like to be able to type his DynDNS info into Piwik so it could look up his dynamic IP so it can be ignored.

But, Fabian is right. Just use the browser cookie instead, it works the same, if not better.

I use dyndns.org too … so, I understand Stefan’s request.

Because we have 5 PCs, 2 Macs, all with more than 4 Browsers…

And I´m sure that in 2 Weeks or so more than one user is surfing witout this cookie :wink:
Or with a Browser where I didn´t save the cookie…

Sorry again for my bad english :wink:

I wrote a summary of all “exclude traffic by hostname”- related posts over at
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in that post, there’s also a solution mentioned using a shell-script.
So maybe add new posts there.