Ignore Cookie does not work

I wanted to ignore my own visits to my site and set the ignore cookie in piwik, but it does not work at all, my visits are always counted.
Tested it with firefox and chrome, the issue is the same on both.
Any ideas?

You can do it by IP address.

No, I can’t because I have a dynamic IP like almost any other internet user.

Which browser are you using? unfortunately the cookie opt out does not work with safari or internet explorer yet (we would like to fix it, see: Make Piwik opt-out feature work on safari and internet explorer · Issue #3135 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

The problem solved itself after I added a mod rewrite rule that forwards every access to the exact same domain, maybe piwik did not recognize visits from domain.com because it expected www.domain,com or else, however, the problem is gone.