Iframe tracking

Hi All,

Thank you all for providing an analytics tool like Piwik.
I am extremely happy to use this tool.

I am stuck with a problem please help me.
I am trying to track the links or pages viewed which are placed within an iframe.
Each gadgets or links within the iframe are hosted on different servers.
How can i track these page views .
I tried so many methods that are mentioned in the forum but nothing is working out.
Please reply as this is a part of my project.

Expecting a faster and satisfying solution


You cannot track things inside the iframe, unless you are able to put the piwik code inside the iframe page itself

Hi all,
we are experiencing very similar problems to krishna.

We have an e-commerce website that ist shown through an iframe within the website of a partner. We control the entire code within the iframe and have included the tracking code in the template that controls all pages played out to the iframe. The server call to the piwik server is displayed in the status bar as the page builds up. We have also included the domain of our partner as well as our domain in the settings in piwik.

Nevertheless no traffic is tracked in piwik. Since our previous analytics tool showed more than 400 visits per day this is highly unlikely.

Any ideas what may be wrong? Any additional details required for analysis?

Thanks for your answers and help.

See 301 Moved Permanently for an update on this topic.