If I change the password on my server

I changed my root password, which Piwik is using. Now I am getting a notice in Piwik that it can’t run, but it’s not giving me a way to change the password in Piwik…

How is this done?


Hi ihaveanewname,

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You can change your database root password in the Piwik config file which is located in ‘piwik.config’ folder. The config file is called ‘config.ini.php’.

The ‘config.ini.php’ is the configuration file customized for your Piwik installation (Piwik writes values in it) ‘global.ini.php’ contains all default values (Piwik doesn’t write in it)

That worked, thanks!

I notice that I was able to download that file with a non root user, but it contains a root password. It’s a bit of a security risk. When I made it non-readable to anyone but root Piwik stops working…Any ideas?

Solution to this security risk anyone?

the webserver user should be the owner of the config files and permission should then be 600


When I make the permissions 600 piwik tries to get me to start setup from the beginning because it loses access to the file. The lowest permissions I’m able to get on the file without piwik asking me to setup a new database is 604.

What do I do? Do I need to setup piwik again beginning with 600?



the owner of the config file should be the webserver user (apache -> www-data)