IE10 Tracking

Hi Guys,

One feature we’d like to see is the ability to identify IE10 as a browser type. e.g. (MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.2; Trident/6.0)

Many thanks for all your hard work to date, Piwik is excellent.

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It does, but you’ll have to disable the DoNotTrack plugin because IE10 sends the DNT header by default.

Alternately, if you use Apache and have the mod_headers and mod_setenvif modules loaded, try adding this to your .htaccess:

    BrowserMatchNoCase "MSIE 10" is_IE10
    RequestHeader unset DNT env=is_IE10

Hi there!
I having the same issue. I tried to add it in a new .htaccess file (into the piwik folder) without success. I found in other post that this issue was fixed. I also tried disabling the DNT in the IE10 but nothing happened.

Thanks and long live to Piwik!