IE and Android stats not showing


I’ve installed the latest release 1.8.2 and tested the platform, working fine apart from IE, Android or iPhone as visits not registering…

Any idea why that is?


I am facing the same issue, after upgraded to last version my returning visitors have been going down.

Please take a look the chart attached.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

In the Visitors > Visitor Log, Do you see missing visits as well ?

Can you check your web server error logs also maybe?


In In the Visitors > Visitor Log I can only see data from Firefox and not IE or mobile users at all, it is mainly IE that I am more worried about…

Any advise would be great. Else, I will have to re-use Google Analytics which I rather not

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

when you go to the site with IE do you see a Jaavascript error?



I checked my web server logs and everything is OK.
There are too many IE7 in my company, now I can´t know which version of IE Piwik is not tracking, maybe is IE7.



Disregard my last complain about which version of IE Piwik is not tracking.
I didn´t see the option Browser version.

I performed a bit test compare results between chart and raw data in mysql.
Yesterday Piwik tracked 351 visits by IE then I performed a simple query on database and returned : 557
This is my query:

select count(1) from piwik.piwik_log_visit
where date_format(visit_last_action_time,'%m-%d-%Y') = '06-05-2012'
and config_browser_name = 'IE';

Now I´m quite confusing