IE 6 - Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site - Operation aborted

we get the error from IE 6 “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site - Operation aborted”. After removing the Piwik code there is no error message. Maybe it´s a javascript problem, but I have no idea to fix it. Can anybody help? Thank you

Are your pages crafted in xhtml?

yes, xhtml 1.o transitional

Ie6 doesn’t like the document.write() in the current piwik.js.

This is fixed in svn and should be included in the next release.

Great support. Thank you

I have the same problem with all IE.
I have installed in Joomla phpMyVisities and try for test add piwik module.
The page in IE have this error Internet Explorer can not open this page.
If I remove or disable the module the page work normaly.
In Firefox work without problems.
Where is the posible problem?
Or phpMyVisities is not compatible with Piwik.
Its any Post for migrating phpMyVisities to Piwik?
I use about one year phpMyVisities and like to migrate to Piwik.

I guess this is a classical bug of “dom not yet ready” when some js script start to work.

The location of the js call is important and should be at the very end of your page (basically before )

However the way this could be managed by the the joomla gas factory could be a pain…

This is a really old thread. Circa 0.4.x, piwik.js no longer modifies the DOM. And in the upcoming Piwik 1.1 release, we added asynchronous tracking, so the tracking code can be placed in the document’s .