Identify users via Web and Mobile Apps with ID

We are using Matomo to analyze user traffic on our E-Banking Web Solution. Users are identified by an individual E-Banking contract number. We would like to introduce analyzing of user traffic for our mobile banking native app, not based on web pages. So we have to integrate the specific SDK. We will reuse the contract number as an identifier too.

My questions is, how do we bring these two worlds together in order to have a single traffic picture from a user with a specific contract number? E.g. we would like to see the traffic from users with a specific contract number, one day on the web, another day in our app.

If you use the same kind of user ID (ie the same user on different device has the same user id, as it seems to be in your case :wink: ) and track in the same site (in the point of view of Matomo), then you’ll able to achieve what you wants…