Identify a visit via session id

Hi Piwik Community,

Currently I’m evaluating different Web Analytics Solutions for an online portal. Every user has to login and must allow cookies.

The question is:
Will Piwik create it’s own session ids to identify a visit?
Or will Piwik use the user-agent / IP-adress combination to identify a visit?
…or can Piwik use exisiting session IDs which were created by the portal?

It would also be interesting to know if other Web Analytics systems handle this differently

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Yes Piwik can use custom ID and if not specified will use IP + user agent + other things.

Thanks Matt ,

How to get Session ID and store it for each visit ?.

Session_id() and COOKIE and SESSION are not working …can u help

@matthieu Could you please clarify how we can override piwik’s internal logic to determine a visit.
As far as I know, the only way to specify is to store the following information:

  • _idvc - Current visit count.
  • _viewts - Previous visit time stamp
  • _idts - First visit timestamp.

I do not want to keep track of all of this info and send it over for each event and what I want to do instead is to
create a session id manually using the timestamp and mac address and override piwik’s logic for calculating a visit.

Do let me know and I am looking forward to your reply as this is causing me some trouble to get the correct visit count.

Have a look at the User ID feature: User ID - Analytics Platform - Matomo

@peterbo Thanks for the reply. But how can ‘UserId’ help me differentiate between visits? What I want is something like a ‘VisitId’ which is more or less like a session id.

That’s what the userID is made for. Use


when the user ends his visit / logs out. To completely override Matomo’s visit logic, you’ll have to set the visit_standard_length (config) to a very high value (and start / end the UserID visits on your own then).

I don’t know if this will create reasonable statistics, but it possibly will fit your needs.